Wednesday, March 2, 2011

10 year olds "open letter" to Lil Wayne
This girl, going by the name "Watoto from the Nile," is great! she's only ten and she is already speaking out on behalf of the sadness she feels towards Lil Wayne's songs, which although are quite catchy and popular on the radio degrade and disrespect women through the vulgar language that he chooses to use.. i don't even want to start quoting him. I am a culprit to the problem despite my strong passion for women's equality because i am helping to feed artists, like Lil Wayne in the music industry by buying their music.  He's making millions off of baffling phrases that probably mean nothing to him, while young boys who look up to him, want to be like him take those phrases to heart. The young and ignorance hear these lyrics, which promote violence, abuse and disrespect of women and are being encouraged to believe them. Its scary to think that an entire moral belief system could be formed from a foundation like a Lil Wayne song.
I don't think that i am going to far when i say that Lil Wayne is not only disrespecting women to make money, but his songs are indirectly promoting violence against women, including rape and murder b/c that he what he is promoting in his music:( Saddest revelation to make.. i liked his music, its the type i turned up really loud and rolled down the windows to. Watoto has schooled me! i feel so ignorant.

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