Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hip-Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes

I know little about "Hip- Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes," aside from the fact that a chapter of the movie is called "Women and Bitches." First of all, the label right off the bat offends me, but i do have some insight to the correlations between the hip-hop culture and women, or "bitches," a commonly used reference to women and girls.  I interpret "and" in the title:"Women and Bitches" to take the place of "verse" (Women vs. Bitches) because these two words are completely conflicting with one another. When i think women, i think sensible, mature, the gender: female and respected. "Bitches" are those who lack all these qualities, yet why do we hear the term "bitches" replacing "women" as the more common word for the female gender in too many cases. Ms. Mondie gave me insight, through her poem, of the exploitation of women, especially black women, through slavery and how they are still being exploited in modern day america, but the tables have turned. Instead of slave owners, their are "rappers," who give themselves what they feel are justifiable excuses for why it is okay to devalue women in their lyrics. I thought hip-hop was all about changing the norm in a fresh way with fun and liberated lyrics? Why is it that women can still be considered "bitches" and "hoes" by the opposite gender and it be acceptable? It is hard enough for women to receive equality in this world and depreciating the female gender through rap lyrics only sabotages the ability for women to be taken seriously and be seen for more than a "bitch that should get out of the way," a statement that Ludicrous emphasizes in his song "Move Bitch."There are a wide range of people who listen to Rap/ Hip-Hop music. Unfortunately, among these people are young kids. Children hear the lyrics and it brainwashes them to think that what they hear is the truth, but what they hear is a lot of times in this genre of music is awful and against the morals that are expected of in these young, liberated generations (including mine).